Diplo Says Major Lazer's Next Album Could Be Its Last

Major Lazer
Shane McCauley

Major Lazer

After 10 years of 'round-the-world hype, Major Lazer may be coming to an end. Diplo recently spoke to Complex about the group's long-awaited fifth album, and he casually mentioned that it may be the last in the decade-spanning saga, citing his constant involvement in so many other projects.

He's been quite busy releasing tunes, not only as a solo artist, but as part of his new duo Silk City, alongside Mark Ronson, and LSD, his trio with Sia and Labrinth. As it is, it takes years for the music Major Lazer makes to see the light of day. Diplo added that the fifth album features tracks he and partners Walshy Fire and Jillionaire have made spanning the group's decade of existence.

Major Lazer has always has a bit of a bumpy existence, and it's seen a lot of stylistic changes through the year. Major Lazer began as a duo between Diplo and U.K. producer Switch. The sound was distinctly wild, dripping with Caribbean dancehall and reggae influence. Jamaican dancer Skerrit Bwoy was a figurehead for the group, headed by a cartoon general with a laser-gun for an arm. Skerrit Bwoy eventually left the music scene for good, citing a turn toward deeper religious beliefs, and Switch left Major Lazer in 2011.

Jillionaire and Walshy Fire joined the lineup soon after. Major Lazer became more of a crossover dance-pop outfit, releasing songs with notable stars Ellie Goulding and 2 Chainz, eventually even Justin Bieber. Currently, Major Lazer explores African influences with a six-date tour of the continent and new tracks featuring established African artists.

There is yet to be a release date for Major Lazer's fifth album. If the news is true, there is no telling how long it will take before Major Lazer bows out for good. Billboard Dance reached out to Major Lazer's team for further comment. Read the full interview with Diplo in Complex.