Hakkasan Group CEO Talks OMNIA Global Expansion: Exclusive

Jerry Metellus/Hakkasan Group
Nick McCabe

Calvin Harris signed an exclusive contract with Hakkasan Group in 2018, but that no longer means he's only playing in Las Vegas. The luxury nightlife brand made serious moves this year, opening two new OMNIA venues in Indonesia, with a dayclub and nightclub in Bali and Jakarta, respectively, and one OMNIA dayclub in Los Cabos, Mexico.​

Hakkasan Group CEO Nick McCabe says the company's secret to worldwide success lies in finding the right local partners. For OMNIA, that means expanding its family to include Mexico's Grupo Vidanta and Kaja Group in Indonesia.

"By collaborating with like-minded local brands, we can work together to build multiple venues and create a more comprehensive lifestyle experience," McCabe says. "That way, we can increase our presence in each market and back the venues with the right infrastructure instead of opening singular venues without the proper support."

As in Vegas, the newly minted OMNIA establishments continue the brand's tradition of high-end design and state-of-the-art production. Add to that an exclusive contract with the aforementioned Harris, a similar deal with Tiesto, plus existing relationships with Zedd and other top-bill talent, and you've got a recipe for what McCabe sees as unstoppable growth potential.

"We also recognize the importance of cultivating relationships with local and rising talents," he says. "We dedicate ourselves to recognizing new and upcoming trends in the music industry and seeing which styles synergize with a club environment. We have signed many rising acts to play in the United States, Cabo and Bali, and we’ve also expanded to engage acts who are more pop and hip-hop as well. I think the musical diversity ultimately helps attract a broader audience."

While Jakarta's nightclub is still under construction, both dayclub venues are now open and operational, having already seen performances from Harris, Tiesto and Zedd specifically. 

"The daylife industry in Vegas has grown explosively without any signs of stopping," McCabe adds. "We want to be the pioneers who consistently raise the bar for daylife entertainment on a global scale. Through a thoughtful curation of event concepts, state-of-the-art design and tech and the most extraordinary artist lineups, we can set the new daylife standard internationally with the expansion of OMNIA."

To learn more about upcoming events, visit OMNIA Los Cabos and OMNIA Bali online. Check out some pictures from the new OMNIA venues below.