Justice Talk DIY Live Gear, Being Selfish in the Studio & 'Woman Worldwide': Watch

Courtesy Photo

Matt Medved interviews dance duo Justice on Billboard Live.

Having just wrapped a set at the stacked Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, iconic French electro duo Justice stopped by the Billboard offices to catch up with editor Matt Medved and talk about their latest live tour and subsequent live album Woman Worldwide. It's an album Justice's Xavier De Rosnay says functions as a sort of "Justice's greatest hits" but with all new versions.

"The songs we have to adapt them a lot between the album versions and the live form. We make albums in a very selfish way, we make the music for ourselves, we are not really thinking about whether the tracks are going to be danceable or are going to be friendly in any way, but the live show is the complete opposite, and the music we make when we play live is really for the audience first and foremost so it needs up to readapt a lot of things to make things simpler more forward more dance oriented, too."

It took about eight months of rehearsal, about a year of touring, and four months of editing to bring this final studio version. Justice also spoke about its musical process on stage; ie, a special "hacked" version of Ableton.

"We went from using, I don't know, maybe 12 percent of the software resources five years ago to now 150 percent of it," he explains, "but that's because we work with a team of guys that really help us hacking the software, they had to modify it." They also built their own midi controllers, to do exactly what they needed to no, no more and no less.

Justice also went deep on its visual aesthetic design throughout the years (they take influence from retrofuture looks like Blade Runner), what is going through their minds on stage, electronic vs. organic presentation and more. It's just less than 40 minutes in length, so there is a lot to enjoy. Also, who doesn't want to listen to thick French accents for 40 minutes?