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Mat Zo Conjures a Kaleidoscope of Sound on The Supremes-Sampling 'Vice': Exclusive

Luca Pierro
Mat Zo

Step into this time machine, and be sure to fasten your seatbelt, for you're about to embark on a journey of multiple dimensions. Mat Zo's "Vice" is a buffet of sonic flavors. We've got drum'n'bass, vaporwave, synthpop, Motown and house. We've got funk and disco. Really, we've got a little bit of everything that pops in just less than seven minutes of sweet musical mayhem -- and we've got The Supremes.

Three years ago, "Vice" was inspired by a pitched-up vocal sample of The Surpremes' "Stoned Love." Clearing said sample was an absolute mission, but it's one the sonic scientist swore he'd see to the end.

"The whole track started with the vocal, so the first thing I had to do was clear the sample," Zo says in an emailed statement. "The whole soul and character of the song comes from the vocal, so I was adamant about keeping the sample in there. It took a long time to reach an agreement between the copyright holders, and I don't even get to own the sample indefinitely. After something like seven years, I don't have the rights to it anymore. For such a fun track, it took three years of headache to get it out."

It's an adventure of a tune, the kind of song you can really explore. There are a lot of layers to uncover and motifs to discover. "Vice" is out everywhere on Zo's Mad Zoo label Monday, Sept. 24, but you can jump in and enjoy its atmopsheres below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.