Prince Fox Makes 'Pop That Knocks' On 'Fake It': Exclusive

Silas Lee
Prince Fox

Take an upbeat rhythm, cover is in candy-painted chords, then fill the inside with a sweet lick of nihilism. That's a savory recipe Prince Fox hopes equals success, and it's the basic composition of his single "Fake It." Lyrically, it's more of an existential crisis than a heartfelt romantic ballad, but if you drink your glass down and close your eyes, you can dance to it as if this is really true love.

It's a good introduction to his new personal artistic mission to make "pop that knocks." It's about combining his love for punchy drum samples and pop melodies with an emotional twist. It's a foundation that's given his career new direction, but it wasn't a revelation that came easily.

“After several years of making music and touring, I became deeply upset and dissatisfied with the status quo," Fox says in an emailed statement. "Being on and off touring for about three years, predominantly traveling alone, I had too much time to get in my own head, and let my anxieties get the best of me. It got to the point where I was just chasing singles and features just to unhealthily compete with my peers, get my booking fees up, get stressed out about placements, and repeat. I had lost myself, my drive, and my passion, constantly looking at what everyone around me was doing, forever trying to fit in."

Around the middle of 2017, Fox says he hit his limit. He canceled shows and refocused his energy on the studio, cutting out the noise to dig deep withing himself until he found something he could be proud of.

"I was fortunate enough have some success producing for other artists, which helped me hone in on what sounds I wanted to employ in my own work, and what my sonic staple would be across everything that I work on," he says. "For everyone that has been following me, and for those who are new, I am happy to say I finally feel like me again, and I am excited to take this next step  in my life and career with all of you. Thanks for everything.”

Ironic to release a song about faking your feelings when you've finally found your true sound, but isn't that the way life works?

"Fake It" is out everywhere Friday, Sept. 21, but you can get ahead of the game with the lyric video below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.


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