10 Songs About Falling In Love

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Falling in love. Is there any better feeling? It's kind of scary, to be honest. It's the emotional equivalent of skydiving; an overwhelming sense of thrill and abandon as the wind whips your face and you silently repeat the mantra "please don't let me hit the ground."

There's a certain insane euphoria that comes with falling in love, and it's best described in perfectly perky dance music songs of the electronic variety. Here, we've compiled our favorite dance songs about falling love, each capturing that dreamy, head-in-the-clouds carefree mood that has you staring off into the distance, lost in the memory of that special someone's smile.

You're a mess, a sick puppy, and you wouldn't have it any other way. Next time you find yourself catching that high, give one of these songs about falling in love a spin.

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Daft Punk - “Digital Love”

Let's go ahead and get this most obvious super jam out right at the start. "Digital Love" is a classic Daft Punk cut from 2001's Discovery. It's an absolute must for all romantic daydreams, so much so that the official music video is exactly that concept come to animated life. Also, if you've never seen the full Interstella 5555 album mini-movie, you should go check it out immediately.

Calvin Harris - “Feel So Close”

This 2011 hit helped break Calvin Harris onto the mainstream scene. It peaked at No. 12 on the Hot 100, and it didn't even have to feature a big-time singer like Rihanna. Those are Harris' own silky vocals hitting the right notes, and it's the shimmering electric spark storm of a hook that makes us believe in magic.

Disclosure - “Latch”

The whole world did fall in love to this song - with Sam Smith's incredible talent. Who can resist that heart-skipping falsetto? Especially when paired with Disclosure's pitch-perfect UK house groove. Any walls your crush has built up in defense are sure to crumble into fairy dust when this hook gets under their skin. 

Empire of the Sun  - “First Crush”

This vibrant Australian synth-pop duo live in a world of pure imagination. All emerging love feels need romantic reveries to grow. "First Crush" from Empire of the Sun's album Two Vines will have you on the train to La La Land in no time. Waste your minutes, hours and days on blissful musings, and let this replay in the background. 

Mura Masa - “Messy Love”

Falling in love turns your will into a useless puddle. Even if you know something or someone is a bad idea, there's nothing you can do to stop Cupid's arrow, and when you're ready to be anything your lover could desire, Mura Masa's "Messy Love" is the vibe setter. If you put this on a mixtape and give it to your crush, you're almost guaranteed to get a call back.

Cashmere Cat - “Kiss Kiss”
Norwegian DJ and producer Cashmere Cat makes dance-pop for weirdos, and his 2012 tune "Kiss Kiss," from debut EP Mirror Maru, is exactly the kind of neon pastel soda-fizz that the butterflies in your stomach like to dance to. If you think you hear rockets exploding in the sky, it's definitely true love.

Petit Biscuit - “Problems” Feat. Lido

There's something about Lido's voice that is just perfect sunset gold. His whole vibe is like peering through half-closed eyes at your crush between make out sessions. French producer Petit Biscuit knew exactly what he was doing when he handed the Norwegian the mic. He also knocked the production of "Problems" out the damn park. This one gets stuck in your head like that special someone's name. 

Giraffage - “Maybes” Feat. Japanese Breakfast

There's something about Giraffage's nostalgic haze that really says "lost in the feels." Indie pop songstress Japanese Breakfast adds splendid softness to the song's airy atmosphere, and when those raging synths hit, they hit as hard as the realization that you're a total goner. Also, this music video is silly and fun.

Stardust - “Music Sounds Better With You”

Another timeless classic, Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You" is all the nu-disco, French touch goodness. Benjamin Diamond, Braxe and Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter tripped and fell on one helluva rosy glow. Can you believe this song is more than 20 years old? That's the kind of love that lasts.

The Paradise - “In Love With You”

While we're on a nu disco tip, let's end this lovesick fairy tale with a really ooey-gooey melody and a sticky sweet beat. French house duo The Paradise serve up sonic love potion with this deliriously-delightful slice of heaven. From composition to lyrical message, it's simple and straightforward, and that's the best policy when it comes to starting a new journey on the road to love. Go out there and tell the world how you feel, and let this be your rallying cry.


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