LOYAL Stretches Into New Territory With 'Patterns That Fall': Premiere

Ozge ConeĀ 

The British collective LOYAL has developed a reputation for the kind of uptempo dance-floor material that populated its early singles and 2017 EP Light Up For You. But the troupe shifts gears on the new "Patterns That Fall," which premieres exclusively below and will be part of another EP coming in December.

"It's a departure from what we've done in the past," LOYAL's Laurence Allen, who helms the Brighton-based group with James Day and Alex Cowan, tells Billboard about the decidedly chill and more ambient single. "It's something we really felt at the time of writing that it was what we needed, even if it's not a typical LOYAL track. It means in the future we can stretch ourselves to be less kind of pigeonholed. We can chop and change every time we write a song, which is really exciting for us."

"Patterns That Fall," according to Allen, began with Day "getting really creative with some live guitar tapes, chopping things up, re-editing, almost playing the role of a hip-hop producer." Lyrically, meanwhile, the track is what Allen calls "a bit of a nostalgic cuddle," immersing in memories of relationships and events "that may or may not have happened, but it's a nice, warm feeling."

"It was one of those beautiful (songs) that, from start to finish, probably took four hours -- if that," Allen adds. "It all happened really naturally. It felt like a dream. By the time we listened to it the next day we were like, 'Nah, we didn't do that, did we?'" Day adds that, "I feels like an old friend, a long-lost friend coming back to you."

Allen, Day and Cowan are certainly curious to see how "Patterns That Fall" plays to fans, but the trio is encouraged by early reaction. "Everyone we play it to in our personal circles have been like, 'Put that one on again, please,'" Allen says. "The interesting thing will be, obviously, seeing how it works at radio. It might be different because it's more chill and relaxed." The group is planning a live debut for the song, in an acoustic version on Sept. 21 when it plays a show at the Brighton club Patterns.

LOYAL is currently finishing up work on the EP, which is slated for a Dec. 7 release, which included a trip to Brooklyn to work on "a good disco record with a real dirty New York sound" -- ironically with a studio full of expatriate British and Irish musicians. LOYAL is also planning more live shows, including one-offs around the U.K. and a trip to the U.S. in January. In the meantime the group is planning to keep the pipeline of new material flowing.

"The idea is to have a track coming out every six weeks, and we're going to try to continue that model," Allen says. "We've famously been reserved about what comes out, but we've got a lot in the locker right now and we're feeling inspired. So we're going to try to be more of conveyer belt in the year to come and give people a lot of new music to hear."