Paul van Dyk's New Track 'Music Rescues Me' Is Pure Trance Bliss: Exclusive

Paul van Dyk
Christoph Köstlin

Paul van Dyk

The song is the title track of the producer's forthcoming album.

As the dance floor finds renewed interest in trance, genre heavyweight Paul van Dyk rides a wave of inspiration. His 2017 album From Then On was a back to roots recording hellbent on bridging trance's past with a bright future, and now, his creative streak continues with quick follow-up LP Music Rescues Me.

"Music Rescues Me is deeply rooted in the power of music to heal and it’s remarkable, limitless force in our lives," van Dyk tells Billboard. “It’s an exploration of trance, a journey through the breadth and depth of a genre that continues to enthrall me as an artist.”

He leads the ninth studio album with its bubbly title track. Infectious optimism floods fans' ears. White noise creates a shimmering warmth over cascading synth arpeggios and a stomping four-on-the-floor beat. Previously heard on van Dyk's "I Don't Deserve You," singer Plumb's girlish performance is perfectly blissful over the classic trance chords.

The album is slated for full release Friday, Oct. 12, a night further celebrated with what van Dyk promises will be "a very special show" at London warehouse club Printworks in London. Indeed, it's the venue's first all-trance event.

“Shows like these are testament to the musicality and the popularity of trance,” van Dyk said. “I am proud to continue to open up new spaces and people to our music, and doing so in a beautiful venue like Printworks is a dream come true. I’ve always felt that the UK has one of the most attuned audiences in regards to trance, and I’m tremendously grateful for all the support I’ve received from the London crowd over the years."

"Music Rescues Me" is out everywhere Friday, Sept. 14, but you can listen to it today and learn more about the forthcoming Printworks event below, exlcusively at Billboard Dance.