Tom Swoon Sentenced to Four Years in Prison Following 2017 Fatal DUI Accident

Jasmina81/Getty Images


Polish DJ/producer Tom Swoon (real name: Dorian Tomasiak) has been sentenced to four years and eight months in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter following a fatal drunk driving accident in December 2017 in which he killed one person and injured another, according to Polish website Onet.

In a court hearing earlier this week, Tomasiak was also sentenced to a lifetime ban on his driver's license and a fee of 70,000 Polish Zloty, approximately $19,000, to be paid toward the victim's wife, who was the second injured party involved in the accident, and her three children.

According to the website, Tomasiak is quoted as saying (translated from Polish), "I do not remember much that day. I remember that I was in my room. Later for a long time nothing, until finally the handcuffs on my hands and the words that I killed [a] man."

"The awareness that taking the second person of life is the greatest punishment that could have happened to me. I am not even able to ask for it, but I apologize to you wholeheartedly," Tomasiak told the victim's wife.

Following the fatal car accident last year, Tomasiak published a letter on his official Tom Swoon Facebook page this past June in which he apologized for the accident and announced he was quitting music indefinitely.

"I am writing this letter because I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart- first and foremost to the family that has lost their loved one," the letter reads. "I cannot imagine the pain that I have unwillingly inflicted to them that feral night and which is probably still with them now. I am also sorry that I've let all of you down. I still can't understand how all of this could have happened. Although I have already made peace with a fact, that there is a very [harsh] verdict ahead of me."

He concludes the letter by saying he has "made a call to end the 'Tom Swoon' project for a good. It's time for me to focus on things way more important than a musical [career]. I am sorry that it all ended so quick... and in a such tragic way."