Jauz & Krewella Discover Wonky Depths on 'Soldier': Exclusive



When was the last time you listened to a concept album? These LPs use music and lyrics to tell a story. Sometimes they're metaphorical, sometimes quite literal. We can't be sure which one Jauz's new concept The Wise & The Wicked will be, but we do know the plot is quite involved.

Broken down into chapters, the album portrays a dystopian future of our own world. The middle class has disappeared entirely, leaving only the super rich elite and starving masses. Two factions grow in the lower tier, a group who praises art and intellect to solve problems (the wise), another who favors anger and physical might (the wicked). In the end, it will take a new group (the united) to see the real solutions. All of this is told via the tracklist, which you can catch below, and right there in the first chapter, we get his collaboration with Krewella.

"Soldier" is a wonky dance-pop track that fits into what Jauz considers his "Wise" side. It fulfills that need in him to dig deeper and experiment, as do the rest of the songs in the Wise chapters. Much like the heroes in our story, he really aims to meet in the middle of his influences. You can listen to it and glean what storyline you can from Krewella's vocal performance. The album is out in full Friday, Aug. 31, but you can listen to "Solider" below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.

Jauz is also about to head out on tour. Tickets are on sale now. Check the upcoming dates and full track list for The Wicked and The Wise below.

001: Prologue: The Wise and The Wicked
002: Babylon - With Tisoki?
003: In The Zone - With Example
004: Chapter 1: Discovery [The Wise]
005: Diamonds - With Kiiara?
006: Eager - With fabrice?
007: Soldier - With Krewella
008: Chapter 2: Wicked Nature [The Wicked]
009: Motherfuckers - With Snails
010: Acid or Techno
011: Get Widdit - With XX92 ft. BRU-C?
012: Chapter 3: The Search For Meaning [The Wise]
013: Frequency - With Adventure Club ft. Kyle Pavone?
014: Rave With me - With Ducky
015: Fade - With Mike Waters
016: Chapter 4: Becoming United [The United]
017: Gassed Up - With DJ Snake
018: Velvet Paradise - With FIRST
019: On Fire - With HYPRESSION?
020: Keep The Rave Alive - With Lazer Lazer Lazer?
021: Say Never - With Gerald Le Funk
022: Back Again - With Holy Goof
023: Super Fly ft. 666