Breakbot Breaks Down Discotastic EP 'Another You': Exclusive

Courtesy of Because Music


Calling all grown and sexy people to the dance floor. French disco-lectro kingpin Breakbot is back with another sensual soundtrack for your next classic night. Another You features three new jams and a remix from fellow Frenchman Yuksek. It's been the Ed Banger Records regular's focus since 2018 began, and now, it's out in all its groovy glory for your hips to enjoy.

Breakbot's Thibaut Berland loves a good collaboration, and Another You is full of them. Ruckazoid is back, whom fans may recall from "Fantasy," and so is Irfane, the golden voice from "Baby I'm Yours" and nearly half the tracks on 2016's LP Still Water. We're particularly partial to the final track, "Don't Stop the Dance," featuring Berland's talented girlfriend. We also happen to know Berland is working on a special remix version of that final tune, his first time remixing his own song, to be released soon enough as a special bonus.

As it stands, the four-track Another You is delicious at every turn. We caught up with Berland to get the backstory on each tasty tune. Watch the breakdown.

"Another You" Feat. Ruckazoid
It was quite a long time since I did a collaboration with Ruckazoid, who's actually also a producer. He produces hip-hop beats and is a very good DJ. We made three tracks from my first album (2012's By Your Side); "Fantasy," "You Should Know, and "Why?" I didn't do anything since then, and I just felt like doing another track with him, because I really enjoy listening to his voice ... I usually start with the instrumental. (For the video), I had this idea for this character that was a mix of him and me. That was the "Breakazoid" character created for the video, which I'm quite happy about, by the way. It's only my second video, and I was quite happy with this project. I think we're going to do some more stuff together. I love his voice.

"Devotion" Feat. Irfane
I think it started with my friend's vocals. He was doing this kind of harmonized chorus that was the basics of the track. I really liked it, because it reminded me of some kind of Crosby, Stills & Nash vocal harmonies. I started to build something around that, and I thought it would be fun to mix that harmonized vocal with some kind of disco beat. I wanted to create something that ... stick in your head. I had some trouble mixing the track so at the time. I called Yuksek to give me a hand on the track, and I sent him the stems of the track. He made the mix, and he also made another version that was the remix. So, he basically mixed the track and remixed the track.

"Don't Stop The Dance" Feat. Delafleur
I was playing with some new strings plug-ins that I had, and it was the main thing at first. If you listen to my tracks, you know I love the bassline. It's like a mix of some stuff I play with plug-ins and also mini-samples from tracks. I love to create the basslines, and I had quite fun on this one. I called my girlfriend to sing, because she loves to sing, and she's really a talented singer. She already sung on “Mystery” that was released last year on the Ed Banger compilation Ed Rec 100. This one is, I don't know, I think it's quite fun to play at the end of a set, maybe at the beach. I think it's great fun to play. The remix is even more fun to play, ha. There's a different intro and outro. Everything is quite different, actually, but I think you will like it. I also thought there was two versions of Devotion, so it's good to have this idea of two versions, and to be honest, its quite fun to work with my girlfriend's vocals.

Breakbot will celebrate the release of Another You with a quick DJ tour around the United States, hitting markets like New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco in October. The four-track EP is out on Ed Banger Records. Check it out in full below.