15 Songs About Cats

Cat Music
Federica Magliacane/Getty Images


Cats. They're the Internet's favorite animal. They don't really care what you're up to, as long as you keep feeding them. They might knock your glass over or the remote off the table for seemingly no reason, but there's also totally adorable and awesome. They're cuddly - to a point. They try to fit into tiny boxes (head only counts), they land on their feet, and they're generally some of the coolest cats around. That was a bad pun, but cat people like cat puns no matter how bad they are, right?

Now, there are a ton of songs about cats across genres, but you surely already know the cat classics. We at Billboard Dance wanted to give electri-kitties their day, so we've stuck our list to the bpm variety. We've got bass. We've got synths. We've got lots of cat samples. Are you ready to party? Cats are always down to party, except when it's nap time. They'll let you know.

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