15 Songs About Cats

Cat Music
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Cats. They're the Internet's favorite animal. They don't really care what you're up to, as long as you keep feeding them. They might knock your glass over or the remote off the table for seemingly no reason, but there's also totally adorable and awesome. They're cuddly - to a point. They try to fit into tiny boxes (head only counts), they land on their feet, and they're generally some of the coolest cats around. That was a bad pun, but cat people like cat puns no matter how bad they are, right?

Now, there are a ton of songs about cats across genres, but you surely already know the cat classics. We at Billboard Dance wanted to give electri-kitties their day, so we've stuck our list to the bpm variety. We've got bass. We've got synths. We've got lots of cat samples. Are you ready to party? Cats are always down to party, except when it's nap time. They'll let you know.

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deadmau5 - "50 something cats"

If there's ever been an electronic music producer that unabashedly loves cats, it's deadmau5. He's always going on about his cat, Mr. Meowington. He's got a number of songs dedicated to feline friends. This one features 50 something of them. Not really, but it does feature actual cat meows, which is purrfect for this list.

Cashmere Cat - "Mirror Maru"

How is this song about cats, you wonder? You must not be familiar with Maru. This boxy behemoth may be the Internet's cutest cat. It's certainly one of its most curious. Don't worry, nothing is getting Maru except for fame and fun. We are convinced this playful jam from Norewgian future bass pioneer Cashmere Cat is an ode to the furry feline. 

KW Griff - "Bring in the Katz" (feat. Pork Chop)

If you want fun with a side of absurdity (and what cat lover doesn't?), KW Griff's "Bring in the Katz" with Pork Chop is one-stop-shopping. Chops' vocal performance is perfectly outlandish. Those blurted yes's and oh's shouted between mechanical stabs will wreck your day in the best way possible. This is dance music for party demons, kind of a nickname for cats in general.

Excision, Downlink - "Robo Kitty"

Speaking of demon cats, this mechanical monster begins with what could be an industrialized purr, moves into haunting squeels and moves into murderous meows. The whole thing is a little silly, but it's also got that face-crunching bass. This could be the opening title theme for a really ridiculous C-movie. The C stands for cat, of course.

Amon Tobin - "Kitty Cat"

Brazlian electronic artist Amon Tobin is known for being psychedelically delicious. He must also have a soft spot for the four-legged critters. This song is curious and playful, like the best kitties in town. It features some strange vocals that sort of seem to be about cats who catch birds in the backyard. We're gonna stick with that for now. 

Anamanaguchi - "Meow"

Glitch pop hasn't sounded this flippin' fantastic since the SNES. It's a little 8-bit, a lotta bit funky and perfectly strange. It gets its "Meow" from the little bleeping vocal mews throughout. It sounds kind of like playing wack-a-mole with electronic kittens. This is rainbow-tastic Nyan cat music, for sure.

Party Favor, ZOOLY - "Meow"

Cats in the trap, whippin that nip. Party Favor and ZOOLY keep the strange cat noise trend alive. If cats physically could make it clap, they'd drop it real low to this one. These cats are in heat, no doubt.

Deee-Lite - "Pussycat Meow"

You're favorite heart groovers Deee-Lite are more than one hit wonders. This discotized trio takes its funk to furrier dimensions with a deep, droning kind of house magic. This is spacy and starry-eyed with cool bass lines and retro atmosheres. Also, singer Lady Miss Kier makes one helluva purr.

Squarepusher - "Hello Meow"

English electronic artist Squarepusher makes fierce, experimental jams full of percussion and excitement. "Hello Meow" is almost like an old-school video game soundtrack. It is bright and bouncy with a bit of mystery, like a kitten getting into its first bit of mischief. Go ahead and smoosh your whole face into this one. It only gets funkier as it jams.

Mord Fustang - "Something Right Meow"

If you're cat likes crunchy aught-era electro, Mord Fustang has a shiny new toy they'll want to chase around the room. Lasers flying in all directions while a killer beat keeps perfect tail-flipping time. Swat your paws on the dance floor and get fancy with the breakdown. It's a progressive grower that gets under your skin in the best way.

Tensnake - "Coma Cat"

Ain't nothing about this heat that isn't lively. You might dance yourself into a coma with this groove, but as soon as the keys run back up your spine, you'll be breaking it down all over again. This is for tropical cats on vacation, ready to let their whiskers down. You don't have to get in the water if you don't want to, but it's just fine.

Dan Deacon - "The Crystal Cat"

We've arrived at the unavoidable moment where the king of internet weird-dom makes his grand entrance. "Crystal Cat" is a Dan Deacon classic, and Deacon himself is a classic of a time when music was truly unwieldily and exciting. Music was proliferated on blogs, blogs were the harbingers of Internet culture, and the Internet loves cats. Simpler times, truly.

Giorgio Moroder - "Leopard Tree Dream"

Cats are sensual creatures of the night. They are hunters, and prey is all around them. Their glowing eyes see you move in the shadows, but you can't see them crouching, staring, ready to attack. This synth-heavy cut from comes off the soundtrack of 1982's bizarro cult-classic Cat People, featuring a title theme with David Bowie, another cool cat. 

Volta Bureou - "Alley Cat"

Catch a real cool groove with this disco-house experience. These synths will have you strutting your stuff on the cat walk, because the whole world is a stage and you were born a star. You don't need cat nip to get high off these sci-fi chords. Heaven is only a few lives away.

deadmau5 - "Cat Thruster"

Oh yeah, we hit you with another deadmau5 track. Seriously, the dude loves cats. This one is extra slinky. It's like a gang of cats that might get you intro trouble if you go along with the plan, but you're all going to look cool while you do it. 


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