Zedd Releases Twisted Video For Elley Duhe Collab 'Happy Now': Watch

Zedd  Elley Duhé
Hayley Eichenbaum

Zedd and  Elley Duhé

We always knew Zedd and Elley Duhé's summer single "Happy Now" was hiding a frown, but we never could have foreseen how dark the music video would go.

The song's upbeat rhythm and bright, bouncing synth melodies counterbalances what is at its core a bitter tale of love lost. Someone has done Duhé wrong, and she's only a little facetious when she wishes them well without her. The dichotomy fills the song with intrigue, and it sets the foundation for the video, directed by Dori Oskowitz. We watch as two rich, good-looking couples swim and dance in a very auspicious, modern desert home. Tensions rise as one woman finds her lover in the arms of another, a move that ultimately comes with deadly consequences.

It's a beautiful few minutes with a super twisted end. This is grade-A thriller material, though it does close with a smile.

Watch "Happy Now" below and see if it doesn't give you the creeps.