Disclosure Chop Up the '80s on 'Love Can Be So Hard': Listen

Simon Emmett


Wanna see two dudes on fire? Disclosure is on a fast track to blow your mind. The U.K. duo has released three songs in the last three days, each one taking inspiration from a different era, each one even funkier than the last.

It started with '40s magic on "Moonlight," got to groovin' on the '60s crooner "Where Angels Fear to Tread," and now, the Lawrence brothers are cuttin' up made vibes with a heavily shopped '80s sample on "Love Can Be So Hard."

In an emailed statement, the duo says the tune was "inspired by our love of '80s pop artists like Alexander O’Neil and Luther Vandross. We chopped and flipped this old classic by Princess on its head."

It certainly seems like Disclosure is up to something big, but there still aren't any confirmations about a new album or tour. Will this trend of jams continue throughout the week? We really, really hope so. Put on your scrunchy socks and jam out to "Love Can Be So Hard" below.