ZHU & Majid Jordan Catch a Darker Side of '80s R&B Soul on 'Coming Home': Listen

Zhu performs on Troubadour Stage during day 1 of the 2016 Life Is Beautiful festival on Sept. 23, 2016 in Las Vegas.

ZHU's music has always been for the slinky, sensual creatures of the night. Whether he pens cold, pulsing beats for warehouses or snake-like songs for the bedroom, his is a nocturnal affair.

He found inspiration in the city on debut album Generation Why?, then snuck away to to make the arid cries of his recent EP Ringos Desert Pt. 1. Now, he takes his sound to new places with a nostalgic kind of R&B, and he tapped the ever-soulful OVO duo Majid Jordan to do it. 

"Coming Home" is flirty and funky with ZHU's signature, breathy vocals and seductive guitar lines. Canadian duo Majid Jordan is perfectly smooth, ending even more jazzy air to a tune that already oozes an '80s slickness. There's a certain balance of cheese and cool factor that has us nostalgic for the era's grooviest hits. It's a bold look for ZHU who seems out to prove his versatility.

If you're waiting for more desert vibes and a Ringos Pt. 2, don't fret. The producer promised a continuation in a tweet earlier this summer. This is just a fun new thing for the fans to sink their teeth into, and a cool way to take this whole retro-house vibe and spin it. "Coming Home" is out now on Mind of a Genius. Listen to it below.