SLANDER, Crankdat & Asking Alexandria Merge Metal With Dubstep for 'Kneel Before Me': Listen

Koury Angelo


Thunder roars in the distance. A guitar crunches a repetitive rhythm as a synth moans in the night. A man's voice croons over the building energy until, suddenly, his voice twists into a gnarled half-scream, half-growl, and there is no turning back. The drop is upon you, and there will be no mercy.

So it goes with SLANDER and Crankdat's collaborative single "Kneel Before Me," a true stomping dub-metal hybrid that taps Asking Alexandria for sickening support. It'll make you want to bust out the eyeliner and swing your guitar around like it's a medieval weapon.

"In high school, indie rock and hardcore music were some of the first sounds we ever dove into as teenagers," SLANDER says in a joint emailed statement. "Bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Underoath, Taking Back Sunday, and Asking Alexandria could be heard blaring from our car speakers in our respective high school parking lots. This kind of music is in our core and is where a lot of our other tastes developed from. You can imagine we were thrilled when Asking Alexandria agreed to be a part of our new song with Crankdat."

SLANDER says its goal was to reinvent hardcore and dubstep in the duo's image, bringing its musical roots full-circle to its present place in bass music.

"When I started writing Asking Alexandria’s debut album Stand Up and Scream, I wanted to mix trance and EDM with metal [and] rock music," says Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce. "People laughed and said the two genres would never co-exist. They were wrong. Fast-forward 10 years, and Crankdat, Slander and Asking Alexandria have teamed up to take these genres to a whole new level. This is heavy, ballsy and unapologetically in your fucking face. These two worlds have just collided like never before."

"Kneel Before Me" is out on Monstercat and Sumerian Records, two labels that revel in the opportunity to bring brashy metal and electronic bass into one filthy pit of fun.

"Collaborating with Sumerian Records for this release has been an absolute pleasure," says Monstercat CEO Mike Darlington. "Having talented artists such as Asking Alexandria, SLANDER and Crankdat come together to release a cross-boundary track that exposes fans to the possibilities of music progression is truly inspiring."

The tune is out now. Listen to it below, if you dare.