Matthew Dear Announces 'Bunny' Album, Shares Two New Tracks: Listen

Matthew Dear
Chad Kamenshine

Matthew Dear

'Bunny' features a new collaboration with Tegan and Sara.

Matthew Dear has officially announced that his first album in six years, Bunny, will be out on Oct. 12, and has released two tracks titled "Bunny's Dream" and "Echo."

The Detroit producer is known for his avant-pop artistry and eccentric sound, and the new singles showcase just that. With anticipation for Bunny high due to his six-year hiatus, Dear hopes to deliver fans with what he describes as a “stamp on the passport of a time traveler."

“The music is always there. It’s just a matter of time before it stars to bubble over and finally get stamped ‘property of the people'," Dear says in a release. “I’m calling this one Bunny. As always, it’s got a little bit of everything that makes me who I am."

The album features fourteen songs, four of which have already been released, and if they are any indication of what is to come, fans are in for a treat. With two tracks featuring pop sensations Tegan and Sara -- “Bad Ones” and the yet-unreleased "Horses" -- the album is guaranteed to have versatility, too. Bunny is available for pre-order here

Check out the two new tracks below.