deadmau5 & Getter Talk E3, Skrillex's Homelessness, More on NSFW Coffee Run: Watch

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Deadmau5 and Getter

Have you ever wanted to just sit like a fly on the wall while your favorite DJs and producers gab leisurely like the real-life friends that they are? Well, you can with deadmau5's Coffee Runs, a web series that puts you on the dashboard while deadmau5 and friends have casual conversation on the way to their favorite LA cafes. 

This episode features Getter. The pair both released new tunes on the recent compilation EP mau5ville: level 1, so of course they are friends in real life. It's an hour-long conversation that starts off with a lot of mumbled noises and some juul hits, but quickly evolves into a fascinating dialogue that touches on everything from deadmau5's DJ setup to homelessness (both Skrillex's and deadmau5's), video games, exotic cars and more. Did you know deadmau5 moved to Toronto with two garbage bags full of clothes? True story.

Watch this and learn way more about Los Angeles than a person who doesn't live there should ever know, hear a bunch of DJ names you like get dropped, and feel like you're just one of the dudes - especially if you hit your juul. It's a little NSFW due to language, so you might want to use some headphones.