Oliver Heldens, Jauz & More Go In-Depth in Tiesto's Musical Freedom Mini-Docs: Exclusive

Oliver Heldens
Courtesy of Musical Freedom

Oliver Heldens

Tiësto's label Musical Freedom is all about giving artists the creative space they deserve to explore new sonic horizons and find the truest representation of themselves. Whether it's time to produce a full-length album, collaborate with a different voice or hit the stage at a giant international festival, Tiësto wants his roster to fully express without bounds.

A new mini-documentary series takes a closer, more in-depth look at how this freedom plays out. It's called Musical Freedom Focus, and so far there are three episodes featuring Brohug, Jauz and Oliver Heldens, all three of whom will join Tiësto on the Musical Freedom stage at Tomorrowland 2018, during the festival's first weekend on Friday, July 20.

"Throughout the years, I had the chance to work with a lot of talented artists," Tiësto says in an emailed statement. "It’s been exciting to see each of them grow, and see the success they have had since releasing on Musical Freedom. The label has proven to be an important platform in dance music, and has contributed to a lot of artists careers. With the Musical Freedom Focus series, we really wanted to show our fans a bit more of the stories behind our most important artists and releases, how they have evolved throughout the years, what they have been up to since their release, and how they keep freedom in music and creativity at the center of everything they do."

Brohug take fans around Las Vegas and open up about the trio's creative inspiration. The project started as a means for each of the three producers to break free of expectation and do something new, but none of them could have foreseen the success that would come with new freedom.

“Stoked to finally play Tomorrowland and show everyone some dope Brohouse music," Brohug adds in an emailed statement. "We're going to take our set to the next level and really get the crowd going. It's such an honour to be making our debut performance at Tomorrowland at such an early stage of our Brohug journey, and we've been looking forward to premiering the final version of our new single 'Be Somebody' on the Musical Freedom stage. It will feel perfect."

For episode two, Jauz invites us into his Los Angeles home, where he speaks about defying classification while trying to bring non-mainstage sounds to his mainstage appearances because, in his words, "I feel like I'm going to be one of the few dudes to go up there and play some shit that not every other guy is going to play." He also gives insight into his forthcoming album, a body of work he calls "a full reset."

The third episode sees Heldens take over the streets of house music birthplace Chicago. He talks about writing "Gecko," his breakout hit from 2014, which was released on Musical Freedom, as well as his need to continually refresh his sound and work with others outside of his usual musical realm.

Each episode of Musical Freedom Focus is available to watch below, but the latest episode featuring Heldens is exclusive to Billboard Dance. Dive in deep with Heldens, Jauz and Brohug, and look out for more fun interviews from Tiësto's label.

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