Porter Robinson Shouts-Out Mat Zo, Nina Las Vegas and More of His Favorite Artists to Celebrate His Birthday

Porter Robinson, 2017
Steven Lawton/Getty Images

DJ/producer Porter Robinson poses during the 21st annual Electric Daisy Carnival at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on June 18, 2017 in Las Vegas. 

Is there anyone in dance music kinder than Porter Robinson? The 26-year-old DJ and producer is hailed as an inspiration by many of his peers. His album 2014 Worlds changed the sound of modern electronic music and launched a return to live stage production that continues to be felt today. His new project Virtual Self explores visual themes of early aught design while revamping the sounds of that era's hardcore fringe genres like happy hardcore and jungle drum'n'bass. It, too, has inspired a return to classic sounds.

What does a man of such fine repute do on his birthday? In Robinson's case, he spends it shining a light on those voices and talents that inspire him. Rather then basking in his own glory, he spent an hour shouting out his favorite electronic artists, giving you everything you need to go down a deep hole of musical discovery.

From Japanese pop to experimental bass, early 2000s trance and modern house masters, here is everything Porter Robinson can't stop listening to right now. Get to know the men and women of the cutting edge, below.

Oh, and happy birthday, Porter Robinson. You're truly a gem.