DJ Snake Celebrates 2018 World Cup Victory With French Team Champions

Miko Goncalves 
DJ Snake

DJ Snake has been the loudest and most proud of any French electronic artists following the 2018 World Cup. He's been with Team France every step of the way, waving his red, white and blue in the face of all who stand before it, asking the whole world to pardon his French, if you will.

France took home the title of World Cup Champions after a wild final against Croatia. France beat Croatia 4 to 2, a rather high score for a soccer match, but tensions were high and pride was on the line. As soon as the final buzzer rang in the air, DJ Snake was on his feet, breathing in the sweet air of victory, and because pics or it didn't happen, he posted the fun on Instagram.

Snake was joined in his celebrations by some heavy hitters. He posed with fastest-man alive Usain Bolt and Ricardo Guadalupe, boss man of luxury watch company Hublot. He took the opportunity to show off his native pride and his Pardon My French music collective, but most importantly, he got to handle the actual FIFA World Cup trophy while partying with the world champion French football team in the flesh.

No one is having a better Monday morning than France and DJ Snake right now, hangover or not. Enjoy the posts to social media below, et félicitations à la France.

Don't forget, you can catch DJ Snake celebrating behind the decks as part of the lineup of this year's Hot 100 Fest, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 18 and 19. Tickets are on sale now.


World Cup Vibes @hublot @usainbolt

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CHAMPION DU MONDE !!!!!! ------------------------------------------------

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