Moby Shares 'The Sorrow Tree' Video From New Live-Version Album: Listen

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Moby performs at the Fun Lovers Unite Gun Sense Event at the Regent Theater on May 24, 2018 in Los Angeles.

One may be stunned, upon listening to the album, that Moby recorded all 12 tracks of Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt alone in his home studio. Of course, that's no strange feat for the storied music maker. He often composes cinematic grandeur from nothing but analog gear and vinyl samples. His sound has always been lush and orchestral, and his roots reflect a communal feeling with time spent in punk bands and other outfits.

While he's usually caught DJing, he has a strong history performing his music alongside fully fleshed ensembles. He did so when touring this album, and he does so again with a re-recorded studio version called Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt (The EastWest Sessions). It is an album inspired by his time touring the music last spring.

"When we played the songs live, I loved how noisy and intense they sounded, and wanted to document them in a beautiful, legendary studio," Moby posts on Instagram. "To be honest, it felt weird to be playing so loud in the hallowed room where Brian Wilson made Pet Sounds. These EastWest sessions are released today. PS- no big deal, but that’s Frank Sinatra’s piano. Hooray Los Angeles for still having legendary, amazing studios within walking distance of my house."

Moby celebrates the live album's release with a music video for its cut "The Sorrow Tree." A hauntingly beautiful mirage of nature scenes and highly stylized performance shots blend into a psychedelic storybook experience. Nine of the album's original songs are repurposed on the live studio edition. The album is out now. Watch the official video for "The Sorrow Tree" and listen to Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt  (The EastWest Sessions) in full below.