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Jauz Goes 'One Deeper' With Hilarious Dillon Francis Interview: Watch

Courtesy Photo
Jauz during an interview with Dillon Francis on "One Deeper Talks"

Who's ready for something super awkward? Dillon Francis has been interviewing famous DJs, including Calvin Harris and Alesso, as his serious techno alter ego DJ Hanzel, but this latest episode featuring a quiet Jauz might be the most cringeworthy yet.

It turns out Jauz is not the same as John Williams, and though he references the famous shark series with his moniker, he did not write the Jaws theme song. He takes some hard hits on the fashion tip, gets unexpectedly broken up with his girlfriend, and otherwise just sits and nods along with whatever nonsense DJ Hanzel shouts his way.

The best part of this video are the old tweets. It's like the ghost of social media past come to haunt the Bite This! label head. He's a good sport throughout, and he even gets a prize at the end.

If you think these One Deeper interviews are funny, wait until you binge Francis' new show Like & Subscribe, all episodes of which are streaming now

Watch the interview with Jauz for yourself below. Maybe you'll learn something -- but probably not.