Chancha Via Circuito Brings Electro-Folk to the Andes On 'Bienaventuranza': Exclusive

Hanna Quevedo
Chancha Via Circuito

Tropical house is no new term, but it's a coconut-flavored genre that often gets labeled one note. What if tropical beats were more humid and untamed? What if they truly represented vibrant cultures with strong roots and dynamic soul? Chancha Via Circuito, born Pedro Canale, brings that kind of tribal rhythm to his jungle-inspired sounds. The Argentinian producer blends traditional instruments and sound structures of the Andes into his folk-leaning electronic tunes, and his latest album Bienaventuranza celebrates that mix at the highest calibre.

Bienaventuranza roughly translates to "bliss," and that's what you'll feel when you dive into the original album mix provided by Chancha Via Circuito below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.

"This mixtape is a selection of my latest favorite tracks, plus some tunes from my recent album Bienaventuranza. This mixtape is 100% danceable and you can feel the vibes of the jungle on it. A journey to the unknown," Canale says.

Bienaventuranza features collaborations with digital cumbia artists, dancehall musicians and more. It's out now on Wonderwheel Recordings. Listen to the exclusive mix from Chancha Via Circuito below, and be sure to check the full tracklist as well as order the album online.

Bienaventuranza Mix Tracklist
1- Biomigrant Ft. Fernanda Tenorio - No Me Llevo (Solutions)
2- UJI - Jenga3- Nillo - Spirit Blong ol Bubu
4- El Búho - asale
5- Populous - Azul oro ft. Ela Minus
6- Juan Pino & Quemando Palabras - Cuando Todo Se Nos Venga Encima (SidiRum remix)
7- Lagartijeando - El nogal de las pampas (Chancha Via Circuito remix)
8- Chancha Via Circuito - Eco
9- Chancha Via Circuito - La Victoria ft. Lido Pimienta & Manu Ranks
10- Chancha Via Circuito - Ilaló ft. Mateo Kingman
11- Lokal Affair - Sacrifice (Original mix)
12- Kaleema - Péndulo
13- R. Vincenzo - Cabras no Elevado Quilombola
14- Chancha Via Circuito - Coroico
15- Canción Waunana - (Chancha Via Circuito remix)
16- Ohxalá - Ossâim