Cut Snake Talks Going Solo, New EP 'Want It All' on Desert Hearts: Exclusive

Cut Snake
Breton Carasso 

Cut Snake

Fans of Australian duo Cut Snake may have noticed its man Fisher doing a lot of work as a solo act. If you've been wondering what's next for Cut Snake, the answer is a three-track platter of groovalicious, disco house offerings titled Want It All. It's a strong, funkadelic move that secures Cut Snake's place on the dance floor and between your ears, but it wasn't created as a duo. Cut Snake is officially a solo act.

Billboard Dance caught up with Leigh "Sedz" Sedley to talk about the move to continue on his own, the inspiration behind this fantastic new EP and how he found a home with California's event brand and record label Desert Hearts.

We've noticed Fisher has been focusing on his solo project recently. Are you two still working together on Cut Snake?

Nah, I'm doing Cut Snake solo now. Fisher started releasing music under his own name and the songs went huge so fast that it was going to be too hard for him to juggle both projects. It made more sense for him to focus on himself. So I've just been doing my thing, same as always, just no madman jumping around with me these days, haha.


Tell us about your EP on Desert Hearts -- what has inspired these tracks? Is this consistent with your past productions or does it act as a point of transformation or  evolution for the project?

It definitely reminds me of some of the older music I used to make. I wanted to write something with a little more reach that could be listened to on the drive to work or cruising around the house, not strictly for the nightclub. It's a little more melodic than the stuff I put out in the recent past. I don't think it's a point of transformation, I wasn't really thinking about it, I just like to write whatever I'm feeling at the time.

How did your relationship with Desert Hearts come about?

About 8-9 years ago I was living in North County San Diego and I heard about these guys running this pumping party called "Jungle" that was strictly house music. I wanted to go suss it out because every other party around at that time was pretty much EDM or something I wasn't into. So we rocked up to one of the parties, met the crew, n' they threw us on there Cinco de Mayo party which was off the hook. I knew straight away these fellas were the real deal n' that they were a crew I wanted to be involved with. Just a bunch of hard working, down to earth humans with awesome vibes, not to mention great taste in tunes.


What’s next for Cut Snake this year and beyond?

I've been having a really good time n' getting creative in the studio, I have a bunch of collabs and fun shit in store for ya's - hopefully see you all havin' a boogie at my gigs this year, yew!