The Chainsmokers Share Intimate 'Somebody' Video From Rory Kramer: Watch

The Chainsmokers
Olav Stubberud

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers brought professional photographer Rory Kramer on tour some years ago and kept bugging him for videos. He was all "I don't take videos, I take pictures," but they talked him into it. Now, he's got music video credits, most recently this intimate portrait of The Chainsmokers on tour for "Somebody," and has now established himself as a well known videographer in music. 

The low-resolution footage is spliced together with inspirational quotes and sadboy statements. It gives a peek into the harsher realities of being an international superstar. Life on the road isn't all glitz and glamour. It can be quite lonely and tiresome. Don't worry, it's not all a downer. There's plenty of fun moments with friends. It's just the dichotomy that gets you.

Kramer's "vision" of The Chainsmokers might be the realest yet. Check out the new edit of "Somebody" below.