The Prodigy, Chase & Status, & More Drop Exclusive Album for Mental Health

The Prodigy
Carlos Alvarez Montero

The Prodigy

There's been plenty of talk about mental health and wellness in the music industry, especially in the dance business in the wake of Avicii's death. It's about time artists, insiders and fans alike spoke out about the harsh realities of nonstop touring, high social expectations and the constant chase for more. Still it takes action to make real change, and Ben Verse, former MC of drum'n'bass band Pendulum, put his friends to the task.

He's proud to introduce MIND STAT Vol. 1, a drum'n'bass compilation album that features 18 exclusive tracks from a host of genre legends and up-and-comers. The Prodigy, Chase & Status, Sub Focus and more threw in monster tunes for the betterment of the scene.

“This whole album happened insanely quickly," Verse says in an emailed statement. "I wrote a list of people I know who might be into the idea. I called people up, met them at studios, and it happened organically. Some people wanted to be involved but couldn’t be due to release plans, but when guys like The Prodigy are up for it, it really blasts the door open, and it snowballed from there. Sub Focus, Chase & Status and so many more amazing names. We’re so honoured and really happy with it.”


MIND STATE Vol. 1 is a collaboration with Getahead Festival, the first 24-hour music event dedicated to mental health, well-being and music. From all profits, 50 percent go to festival partner Help Musicians UK and its Music Minds Matter mental health service and support line.

"The first stage of avoiding mental illness is being able to talk to someone," Verse continues. "For musicians to be able to call a number, have a chat and share what they’re experiencing before it gets to last resorts such as drug or alcohol dependency to hide from the problem. The music industry is not a 9-to-5 job. It can be such an incredible roller-coaster. From traveling all over the world, finding yourself in different situations, meeting all sorts of people, to giving it your all, especially those younger artists. With MIND STATE Vol. 1, we want to encourage people to reach out and talk to someone. When you start suffering from any sort of mental health issues, we hope people will know they can reach out to others and work out a balance in their life.”

Getahead comes to London on Wednesday. Tickets are on sale now, and you can catch a teaser promotional video for the fest below, as well as peep the track list for MIND STATE Vol. 1, out everywhere Friday. Get the album via Apple Music, and be a part of the journey toward a better tomorrow.

1.    Chase & Status - All Crew
2.    The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die (Killbox Remix)
3.    Sub Focus – Circadian
4.    Spor feat. Linguistics - Pull The Sun Down
5.    Benny L – Moments
6.    dBridge & Skeptical - That’s Nice
7.    Calyx & TeeBee feat. Ben Verse - Caution
8.    Artificial Intelligence - Say Now
9.    The Upbeats - Externumator
10.    Icicle - Disarray
11.    Need For Mirrors - Chapel
12.    North Base feat. Kelly Louise – Over You
13.    Proxima – Trek
14.    Document One -  Never Let Go
15.    Groves - Fragments
16.    The Vanguard Project – Too Late
17.    Battery – Looking Good
18.    Koiva – Bison (Halogenix’s ‘Lordel’ Remix