GRAVEDGR Goes on a Bloody 'RAMPAGE' in Murderous Music Video: Exclusive

Courtesy Photo


Everyone wants to be "cinematic," and usually that means grand synths and big string arrangements, but bass music can be cinematic too. GRAVEDGR came up with a song so bloody and murderous, director Paco Raterta couldn't help but see a psycho thriller on the loose. When it came time to film the "RAMPAGE" music video, he saw a "soulless" killer hunting down beautiful young people, inching closer and closer no matter how fast they ran, finally swinging his shovel down on their faces with each crushing boom.

"It was obvious when I heard 'RAMPAGE' that the video had to involve some kind of chase/horror theme," Raterta says in an emailed statement. "When I make music videos, the music and the rhythm of the video are always king, with story playing a secondary, painterly place. Whatever happens at large, the shovel sharpening scene always had its own musical moment, as if pre-ordained, and when the music ends, even if the fight isn’t over, they all die, the victims have no choice, the music is God."

The haunting clip is perfectly suited for the devilish beat. GRAVEDGR really knows how to beast on 'em. The video is out Friday, but you can catch nightmares with it below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.