Mome Travels the World, Visits Indonesia With 'Moment I': Exclusive

Adrien Combes

Nothing in this world is more inspiring than travel. When you expand your horizons, you expand your mind. You're constantly learning, connecting, and growing inside and out. French producer Møme saw much of the world when he toured with Gramatik, and it's left him aspiring to bigger and better things. 

Today, he introduces ​Møments, a new audio-visual series of releases directly inspired by worldly destinations. It starts with Møment I, two tracks that capture the beauty and magic of Indonesian getaway Bali. 

"As a music producer, I come to the studio with many different ideas every day depending on my mood, my travels, the instruments I play, or the people I collaborate with," Møme is quoted in a press release. "So many factors that offer me a range of possibilities and "Møment I" is the reflection of this creative process, my kind of face A / face B, and a way to share with my fans two different facets of my music."

"Canggu" comes first, a tune that explores the producer's love of ambient sounds. "When We Ride" is funkier with a sound Møme calls "definitely more 'summer.'"

"I have always been a huge fan of funk," he says. "For this first release, I wanted to give importance to my favorite instrument, the guitar. I started my music career (years before Møme) as a guitarist, and I knew I wanted to go back to these roots." 

Clow your eyes and journey to the lush Bali landscape with Møment I below, exlcusively on Billboard Dance.