Grimes Previews Two New Tracks She Describes as a 'Cheesy Love Song' & 'Ethereal Chav Jam'

Josh Brasted/WireImage

Grimes performs during the Hangout Music Festival on May 22, 2016 in Gulf Shores, Ala. 

Grimes is finally sharing some of the music she's prepping for the follow-up to her 2015 Art Angels album and from the sounds of two songs she previewed early Tuesday morning (June 5) the wait will be worth it. In a pair of posts in which the singer waved her phone over a list entitled "13 Decent Tracks," she focused in on one labeled, "X Adore u INST Feb. 3 18," which featured her signature high-pitched, ethereal vocals over an insistent, 1980s-style drum machine beat.

"Well i said i'd post some snippets of new music earlier so this prob sounds terrible thru my phone recording but it's the cheesy love song i was talking about that i don't like but everyone else likes," she wrote, noting that the wistful track was recorded on her new mellotron.


The second song has a darker vibe, with distorted vocals over a faster, more frantic beat for what the singer refers to as her "ethereal chav jam," using the British slang term for a working class lout. She further describes it as a "cyberpunk interpretation of the bajirao mastani movie (plz watch this incredible film if u haven't) from mastanis perspective." She wasn't sure if the track even made sense without a hearing its low end, but we'll take her word for now. (Bajirao Mastani is a beloved 2015 epic Indian historical romance.)

Among the other tracks on Grimes' list were: "So heavy Chorus vox export 4 Manny2 (DEMO)," "DARQ SOULS IDEA 66666666," "_Drugs_R4_official-Chorus.Bridge4.0 (2.0) demo," "Blaze Forever VOX" and "Favourite Psycho INST." The singer recently teamed up with K-pop girl Loona (stylized LOO??) for the song "Love4eva," and back in February she started teasing the new album, writing "I would say spring, but realistically fall." 

And while she's been busy, that same month Grimes also hinted that she's possibly at odds with her label, 4AD, in a since-deleted post in which she said she was in the studio "making a million beats" while noting that the work was for "one final album for my shit label and then my first album on a label of my choosing which im crazy stoked about eeeee."