10 Songs About Dogs

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They say dogs are man's best friends, and it certainly feels true. Dogs don't judge you when you spend the day in your pajamas and eat ice cream for dinner. Dogs are always down to take a ride, as long as you leave the window cracked enough to fit their head through and feel the wind. They just need walks, love and stuffed things to destroy. That's not asking for much when you get back unconditional adoration and warm snuggles.

Today, we celebrate man's best friend with a list of jams honoring our furry, four-legged pals. From country to rock'n'roll and a little bit in between, here are our picks for the 10 best songs about dogs.

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Elvis Presley - "Hound Dog"

Is there a human on Earth who hasn't heard this dog song? The 1969 classic beats as hard as ever. Just make sure your own hound knows you still love them whether or not they catch a rabbit.

Baha Men - "Who Let The Dogs Out"

If a person attends a wedding and Baha Men's 2000 hit doesn't play, did anyone actually get married? This cheesy party favorite is actually pretty rude. The dogs aren't dogs, they're ugly women. Whatever, ugly ladies get love, too.

The Beatles - "Martha My Dear"

No, Martha is not a romantic interest of Paul McCartney. Martha was actually the famous Beatles' sheepdog. We're going to crown this the most well composed song about a dog. It's got a horn line and everything. 

Neil Young - "Old King"

Neil Young is the master of folk rock, and good folk musicians keep a dog around for inspiration and companionship. Dogs can't live forever, but the love we feel for our pets lasts forever.

Pink Floyd - "Seamus The Dog"

Pink Floyd plays the Delta blues on this howling tune. Even a wet nose can't fix this broken heart, but some harmonica and a lot of dog wails will get you through the long night.

Cat Stevens - "I Love My Dog"

A dude named Cat writing a song about his love of dogs? Who said these supposed mortal enemies couldn't be lifelong friends? Romantic love can fade, but pet love is forever.

The Monkees - "Gonna Buy Me a Dog"

So, you're a Monkee, and you're rich and famous. What are you going to buy with all your music and TV money? A fancy car? An expensive watch? Nah, you're just gonna buy yourself a dog. Way to live your best life, buddy.

Sublime - "I Love My Dog"

Surprisingly, this is not a cover of the Cat Stevens song by the same name. This California, white-boy reggae jam is the perfect sunny day jam to soundtrack your long weekend walk.

Dolly Parton - "Cracker Jack"

Cracker Jack is a pretty cute name for a dog, don't you think? Ms. Parton tell us the story of her favorite awkward pup, and it's a story of love found that'll warm the darkest recesses of your heart.

Carrie Underwood - "The More Boys I Meet"

Men are dogs, but they're not the kind of dogs that keep a woman happy from morning to night. Sometimes, you've got to give love a break and stick to hanging with the puppy that has your best intentions at heart.


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