The 10 Best Troye Sivan Remixes

Troye Sivan
 Hedi Slimane

Troye Sivan

Talk about teen titans. Troye Sivan has been a fresh-faced heartthrob double-threat since emerging onto the scene as a wee lad. He played a young Wolverine when he was just 14, maybe the coolest X-Man in existence, but Billboard loves him for the beautiful music he's become famous for. The South African-born Australian youngster made a name as a singing YouTube star. Today, he's an international star making waves in sunny Los Angeles.

His dreamy vocals landed collaborations with Martin Garrix and Zedd, and his solo work has inspired other electronic dance producers and DJs to remix his tunes in a variety of styles. From languid and dreamy to bright and bubbly, here are our favorite Troye Sivan remixes to date.

Troye Sivan - "Youth" (Gryffin Remix)

Is there anything more romantic than the thought of running away? Gryffin ups the ante on this ode to young love with a shimmering, energetic synth house remix. It's a remix worthy of your best air drum performance.

Troye Sivan - "FOOLS" (Filous Remix)

Filous fills our whole heart with feels on this downtempo chill out remix. Sivan is bringing us to tears with the perfect romantic fantasy. If only fools fall for love like this, we're emotional drop outs. 

Troye Sivan - "My My My!" (Cash Cash Remix)

Kick this party up a notch with some sensual heat. Cash Cash brings the energy up but keep the vibe poolside. It's future pop for summer afternoons that turn into even hotter evenings.

Troye Sivan - "My My My!" (Throttle Remix)

Want even more energy in your "My My My!" remix? Throttle earns its name with this hand-clappin' house version. It's all bright lights and bubble synths with this up-tempo take.

Troye Sivan - "WILD" (Lophiile & Grey Remix)

Slow things down and take a long, lonely stare out the rainy window. This remix of "WILD" from Lophile and Grey is everything you need for a moody Sunday morning. It features one of the freshest future pop hooks we've heard in a minute.

Zedd - "Papercut" (feat. Troye Sivan) (Grey Remix)

It's no surprise Grey gave Zedd and Sivan's collaboration a remix. Grey and Zedd are the best of buds, and Grey really showcases its talent for cool groove on its version of "Papercut." Guitar and synths blend perfectly toward an emotional release that'll have you screaming for more.

Troye Sivan - "WILD" (Young Bombs Remix) ft. Alessia Cara

The retro synths on Young Bomb's remix of "WILD" gives us '80s ballad goosebumps. Run through the glowing fields of your imagination toward a love better than you've ever known with this for a soundtrack. The hook is the big finish.

Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - "There For You" (BigNSmall X Zak Remix)

So, you woke up pissed off again? Put this remix of "There For You" and watch all your troubles disappear on the dance floor. Worries can't survive when you've got a beat this bouncy.

Troye Sivan - "Happy Little Pill" (Casper Zazz Remix)

Got a taste for the tropical night? This remix of "Happy Little Pill" from Casper Zazz will hit the spot. Warped synths light the way to a world where music is truly the best medicine.

Troye Sivan - "WILD" (RAC Mix)

The final joint on our list is a remix of "WILD" from RAC. This one brings some bounce to the table, even while it keeps some melancholy in its back pocket.