iZNiiK Goes International With His His Future R&B Sound On 'EP 3': Listen

Jonathan Zawada
iZNiiK x Beautiful Destinations, "Round the World"

There's no shortage of mysterious dance music makers. Whether you're wearing a desert helmet or a face mask, or warp your facial features into a maniacal smile, the electronic world has always been rife with unknowables. It's all in the name of letting the music speak for itself, and sometimes that comes off a little cheesy. But the stranger behind iZNiiK never ceases to get us grooving.

We first met the producer in September of 2017 when he dropped EP 1It was a sample-heavy funk machine that spiked our ears, and EP 2 was just as bright and bouncy. Today, he concludes his introductory trilogy with EP 3, a cool collection of future R&B party jams with more animated swing than ever.

We had a sneak preview of EP 3 on Earth Day, when iZNiiK's tune "round the world" was featured in a social video from Beautiful Destinations. It was a slick sneak peak that doesn't disappoint. The "energy" continues throughout the five-track release. There's a sexy glitch-ballad on "hideaway," a soulful breakdown on "together," and a big heartfelt finish with "paradise."

As always, the theme is forward-thinking experimentation, human interaction, love and fun. Have some fun of your own with the multi-cultural flavor board of sounds below.