Marshmello, Juicy J, James Arthur Trade Anger For Laughs in 'You Can Cry': Watch

Marshmello Juicy J You Can Cry
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Marshmello and Juicy J featuring James Arthur, "You Can Cry"

Who is ready to get in the feels? Marshmello and his buddies Juicy J and James Arthur beat you to it. The music video for the trio's collaboration "You Can Cry" dropped, and it's a serious case of the moody blues. A lot of white smoke and studio rain shots in this one. Of course, when Juicy J is in the building, you're never too sure if the smoke was requested on set or just a standard by-product of the Memphis rapper being around.

Arthur gives a stirring performance, but it's the lush shots of a diverse lineup of people screaming over each other that really hit you in the feels. Is this a metaphor for our country? Are we all just yelling over another another? Have we forgotten how to listen? Our current inability to reach across the table, let alone across the aisle, is enough to make you cry.

Marshmello hopes that good beats and a positive message of love and comfort can help turn the emotional tide. Are you down to bridge the gap with the masked music man? Break out the umbrella and check out "You Can Cry" below.