Kick Off Memorial Day Weekend With These Summer Dance Jams

Grab the sunscreen, squeeze into a star-spangled swimsuit and shove a hot dog in your gob. It's Memorial Day Weekend 2018, and you've got some serious poolside chillin' to tend to.

Hang around the grill with your best buds. Sip some cold suds on a swan-shaped raft. Hit the beach and bounce a ball around, and stay out late on a Sunday, just because you can (if you can). While you're busy taking it easy, go ahead and put this carefree playlist of summer-time jams.

This is Grade-A top down, shades on music. This is the only playlist you need to get you through Memorial Day Weekend -- or rather, it's a good jumping off point. You'll probably want to add a few more tracks of your own. Get inspired to get wet and wild with our favorite poolside songs below, and most importantly, have a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend, wherever you may be.

Calvin Harris -- "Thinkin Bout You" Feat. Ayah Marar

Is there a person on Earth funkier than Calvin Harris? The Scottish producer churns out summer hooks like your college friends chug down beers. This one gets the party started every time.

3LAU, Zaxx -- "Dirty Neon" Feat. Olivera

Ain't nothing risky about this feel-good simmer. "Dirty Neon" casts bright neon lights to scare the clouds away. 

Loud Luxury -- "Body"

This tune has everything you expect in a modern summer anthem; a catchy beat, a tropical vibe, a pushy male protagonist, and a reference to the 6. 

The Him -- "White Lies"

Things are getting a little too hot. Cool down with this chill out track from The Him. 

TRXD -- "Wherever You Go" Feat. Hilde

This song may start slow, but wait for the kick to hit, and you'll be splashin' around the deep end in no time.

Matoma & Becky Hill -- "False Alarm"

Your drink looks like it needs a refill. Go chase down that cutie by the bar and get them dancing to this surf-side jam.

SNBRN -- "Beat The Sunrise" Feat. Andrew Watt

When the sun goes down, the party keeps going, but this song from SNBRN is good for daylight hours too, and it doesn't require SPF.

Todd Terje -- "Strandbar"

Get the funk up and dance to Todd Terje's take on '70s groovalicious soul.

Classixx -- "Safe Inside" Feat. Passion Pit

The sun is really beating down, and you might start getting sleepy, but there's always room for fun when Classixx and Passion Pit team up. 

Goldroom -- "Sillhouette"

Slap bass is the key to every great poolside jam, and this one from Goldroom has it and funkadelic synth lines in droves.

Mura Masa -- "Messy Love"

Steel drums are an easy way to cop a poolside vibe, and we are here all afternoon for Mura Masa's steel drum antics.

The Knocks -- "Classic" Feat. POWERS

Who's ready to turn this tasty pool party into a classic night? The Knocks and POWERS are here with the ultimate sonic assist.

Breakbot -- "Fantasy" Feat. Ruckazoid

If you need some Michael Jackson vibes with a modern twist, Parisian dance king Breakbot has got your back, and his buddy Ruckazoid brings it all home.

Bells and Robes -- "Dreamin'" Feat. Miranda Realino (Ascendants Remix)

Let's take the house to the deep end with this fun and flirty surfside remix.

Duke Dumont -- "I Got U" Feat. Jax Jones

Just like Calvin Harris is synonymous with a good time, Duke Dumont is one classic poolside vibe you can't miss. As long as "I Got U" is on the stream, it's going to be a damn fun party.