Galantis Takes Uffie To New Places With 'Spaceship': Watch

Armando Fragoza-Barajas


Yes, Uffie is back, and we all have Galantis to thank for it. The cute-talk rapper famous for her days as an Ed Banger favorite in the bloghouse era of the late 2000s hasn't released a song since 2011's "World Rappinghood," but today, she sings coy on the mic with everyone's favorite disco-pop duo.

"Spaceship" is the first new single for Galantis since releasing their second album The Aviary in 2017. It's a new vibe for the mic grabber, but it's everything you've come to love about the hook-ridden producers. It drips in funky feel-good juices. It's the kind of song that sticks to your lips and begs to be sung all day.

The video sees both Galantis and Uffie gallivanting around Tokyo after the friendly trio meets up in a crowded sidewalk. The fun is infectious, just like the groove.

Hop on the "Spaceship" and take the ride with the official music video below.