ZHU Drops 'Still Want U' Video, Announces Fashion Collection: Watch

Yero Brown

Heartbreak is always tragic, but perhaps the greatest tragedy is when we lie to ourselves. You can tell yourself all day you're over it, but if you haven't yet truly healed, you're just rubbing salt into open wounds. 

ZHU spins pain into gold on his latest EP Ringos Desert PT. 1, a musical interpretation of what the producer calls his guitarist's "traumatic divorce." His second single "Still Want U," featuring a soulful vocal performance from Karnaval Blues, is one of the EP's most haunting moments. It becomes even more mysterious in this new music video, out today (May 17) and co-directed by ZHU and his longtime friend Yero Brown.

"The inspiration when working with ZHU is always a little different than other artists, because we have a personal relationship longer than a business one," Brown is quoted in a press release. "That being said, we are able to push each other creatively without any fears. I can suggest concepts with no reservations. Our ideas always evolve from random creative calls that are a back and forth dialogue, (to) eventually striking a cord that resonates with us both. This particular video was simply finding a unique way to tell a story from the perspective of a woman who cheated without it being on the nose. Show her emotional struggle aligned with the dark, sexy, and provocative aspect of the brand. Take all that then find a way to incorporate the desert."

It's a beautiful clip, but stay tuned at the end for an emotional tease of ZHU's forthcoming fashion line inspired by the EP. The Ringos Desert Collection will see release Tuesday, May 29. It's all part of ZHU's ongoing mission to build a multi-dimensional culture that represents a lifestyle more than just a genre of music.

Enter ZHU's world with "Still Want U" below.