Kayzo Gives Papa Roach's 'Last Resort' a Dubstep & Hardstyle Remix: Listen

Bryan Perez


If you're anywhere between the ages of 28 and 32 and say you didn't listen to Papa Roach as a kid, you're lying. "Last Resort" was one of the biggest rock songs of the year 2000.

It's crazy to think a song about self-mutilation could be a Billboard Hot 100 hit, but it peaked at No. 57 that December as it soundtracked a million angst-ridden after-school hangouts. Today, pop music continues to take on themes of depression and suicide, so why not give the old favorite a facelift?

Kayzo jumped at the chance to give "Last Resort" an official remix. "If you told 13 year old Hayden he would be rebooting "Last Resort" by Papa Roach in 2018, he would probably choke and laugh. It’s been an honor to rework such a timeless anthem."

He slowed the tempo, beefed up the beat and gave the chorus a seriously sinister dubstep breakdown. He even hits it with a bit of hardstyle before it meets its end. Papa Roach said that as soon as the band heard the final version, it knew "audiences all over the world would go off."

This remix is a real smasher. It's out now on Geffen Records. The label's president, Neil Jacobson, tells Billboard, “I look at remixes as one of the most under-utilized, interesting and valuable forms of musical expression in the modern business. Redefining the track on a song that is already familiar is a perfect way to showcase a producer’s sound. Time and time again, a great remix can birth a new genre of music while simultaneously bringing a huge audience to a song - a win/win."

If you're feeling down on yourself, give this one a whirl and get your frustrations out on the dance floor.