Eric Prydz Delivers Secret Cirez D Edit of 'Directions' For Tiga's Turbo: Exclusive

Cirez D
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Cirez D

?The story of Eric Prydz’s latest Cirez D weapon is an interesting one. It begins with an anonymous producer from Belgium named BETON, who signed his funky vocal track “Directions” to Tiga’s legendary Turbo Recordings.

The track quickly became a staple in Tiga’s arsenal, eventually catching the attention of Eric Prydz who asked the label boss what it was. “He was so into the track that he asked to do his own high-octane edit of it,” Tiga says.

Naturally, Prydz’s rework of the track arrived under his techno alias, Cirez D, resulting in a secret Cirez D edit that has become a prominent feature in both Prydz and Tiga’s sets. “We toyed with the idea of keeping it as a top-secret weapon for personal use, but decided to share it with the world instead,” Tiga says.

Prydz’s new edit isn’t a vast departure from the original, hence the ‘edit’ designation rather than ‘remix’. Instead, it amplifies the original into a more DJ-friendly, peak-time tool. Utilizing the vocals from Wevie Stonder --  a self-proclaimed absurdist electronic collective -- to a more sparing degree, it puts the emphasis on the brash bassline and distorted drum groove.

Tiga, firmly happy with the result, calls it “a huge track made even bigger, and a perfect example of the Turbo family at work.”

Listen to Cirez D’s edit of “Directions” below, premiering exclusively on Billboard Dance. Pre-order Cirez D’s edit of BETON’s “Directions” here, before its official release on Turbo on May 4.