Thutmose & NoMBe 'Run Wild' for EA Sports 'FIFA World Cup 2018' Game: Listen

Thutmose and NoMBe
Bukunmi Grace

Thutmose and NoMBe

The 2018 World Cup is just around the corner, and two fellas have cooked up a theme song to soundtrack your own World Cup dreams.

Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based MC Thutmose and German-bred producer NoMBe give you a reason to "Run Wild" with an anthem so energetic, EA Sports tapped it for its FIFA World Cup 2018 trailer. "Run Wild" is guitar-driven with lots of rock 'n' roll attitude to push you toward glory. It's not a song for spectators, so go ahead and get your butt out of your seat.

"Run Wild" is out now in full, as is the trailer for the game, featuring Portuguese footballer Christiano Ronaldo. Check out both the single and the trailer below.