Steve Angello Releases His 3-Part Electro Epic 'Human' in Full: Listen

Steve Angello
Hannes Söderlund

Steve Angello

After a year of soul searching, reimagining his artistic vision and revamping his social media, Steve Angello's three-part epic drama stands in full. The songs first released as a three-part EP series have been expanded into a massive 21-song offering called Human, exactly as he promised when the project first debuted after Coachella 2017.

It's an absolute passion project for the man who recently rejoined his former colleagues Swedish House Mafia for an exciting surprise set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. He'd found himself dissatisfied with the status quo and the constant chase for attention in the social media world. He thought he might walk away from music for a time when a sudden and random visit to his hometown church led to divine inspiration.

“I think it's important as an artist to just constantly beat yourself up. I know that sounds bizarre,” he told Billboard in a 2017 interview. “I've done this for such a long time and just doing what everybody else does, just playing the safe card, it doesn't always tickle me. It doesn't excite me. It doesn't make me want to go into the studio and create something. It doesn't make me challenge myself. For me, it was like, I need to make the biggest challenge I can possibly find and then I'll just fight with that.”

Fans will recognize previously-released singles "Rejoice" with T.D. Jakes, "Freedom" feat. Pusha T and others, but there's more than enough new material to keep fans interested. Human moves from haunting cinematics to gritty electro and feel-good dance rhythms, showcasing the producer's versatility and willingness to experiment. The full LP is out now on Size Records. Listen to Human below.

Steve Angello Tour 2017
May 4 - Story Nightclub, Miami
May 6 - Maya Day & Nightclub, Scottsdale,
May 26 - MIA Clubbing, Porto Recanati
May 27 - Creamfields Presents Steel Yard, London
June 1- Nameless Music Festival, Barzio
June 24 - Hi, Ibiza
June 30 - Summer Stadium Festival, Marseille
July 7 - Ultra EU, Split
July 8 - Somni RFM festival, Somni
July 8 - Hi, Ibiza
July 13 - Electrobeach Music Festival, Le Barcarès
July 14 - Airbeat One, Neustadt-Glewe
July 22 - Tomorrowland, Boom
July 22 - Hi, Ibiza
July 28 - Smögen Festival, Smögen
July 28 - Unite Barcelona, Barcelona
July 29 - Tomorrowland, Boom
July 29 - Hi, Ibiza
August 2 - Los Alamos, Marbella
August 5 - Hi, Ibiza
August 11 - ileSoniq, Montreal
August 12 - Hi, Ibiza
August 17 - MALMÖ Stadsfest, Malmo
August 25 - Vital, Belfast
August 25 - Creamfields, Cheshire
August 26 - Hi, Ibiza
September 18 - Hi, Ibiza