Alok, Iro & Zeeba Turn Heartbreak Into Beauty & Dreams Into Music on 'Ocean': Listen

Gabriel Wickbold

One of the most magical parts of being a musician is your interaction with fans. Your career is made and broken on their belief in your art, and when you are moved by their story as equally as they are yours, sparks fly, even when it ends in tragedy. It can also beget some beautiful music: Case in point, Alok's latest single "Ocean."

It's a soaring composition made even more romantic with weeping strings, but the story behind its inspiration is nothing short of heartbreaking. 

"'Ocean' is about aspirations and the universal goal of finding what matters most in our lives," Alok says in an emailed statement. "The song was inspired by a story from a fan with a certain illness. Her mother told me that she dreamed of seeing the ocean, and while we were on the phone, I found out she was only 12 years old and that really got to me. As we prepared to make her dream come true, she went blind - she surprised me by saying that she was not afraid, so I should be calm. That touched me a lot. Unfortunately she passed away before our meeting, and her experience inspired the lyrics to our song with IRO and Zeeba. This song is meant to help people realize what really makes a difference in their lives."

The girl may not have lived to see her dreams come true, but her spirit lives on forever in the sweet, haunting melody of "Ocean," out everywhere now on Spinnin Records. Be moved by its quite intimacy below.