Martin Garrix & Loopers Kill The Competition on 'Game Over': Listen

Rachel Kaplan
Martin Garrix

You leveled up and you think you've got what it takes to win, but every time you get a little stronger, so too do the boss baddies, and a new challenge awaits just around the corner to test your skills. It could be "Game Over" at any moment, so you need a killer anthem to keep your hero in check. 

Enter Martin Garrix and his his fellow Dutchman Loopers. They've concocted a groove so gnarly, it can get anyone to the finish line - or just plain finish the competition. "Game Over" is an invigorating electro house tune that'll kick start you on the path to greatness. You haven't heard synth noises quite like this. It's brash and funky at the same time, and it's got a melody just close enough to a classic NES to have you feelin' like Link.

Garrix and Loopers really killed it with this one. "Game Over" is out now on Garrix' label STMPD RCRDS. Listen to it below.