Logic & Marshmello Re-Enact 'Office Space' in 10-Minute 'Everyday' Music Video: Watch

Logic and Marshmello, "Everyday"
Courtesy of Vevo

Logic and Marshmello, "Everyday"

The American Dream can sometimes feel like a nightmare. You work hard "Everyday," fight tooth and nail to pay off your debts and save a little scratch, and before you know it, 10, 20, even 30 years have flown by, and what do you have to show for it? A stomach ulcer and a lot of misplaced frustration. You're about to blow.

At least, you are if you're Logic covered in makeup and prosthetics so as to appear somewhere closer to 82 than 28. He's locked in a dead-end job, and suddenly, he's old and fed up. So he grabs his office buddy Marshmello and a couple of like-minded dudes and walks out of his crappy office headquarters to destroy an old-timey fax machine, just like the memorable scene from 1999's Office Space.

The video is no small feat. It clocks in at over 10 minutes, but does it have a happy ending? You'll have to watch to find out, but do take a page out of this lesson plan and don't wait until you're retirement age to find some happiness. Even if you can't have the job of your dreams, work to live instead of the other way around.