Ekali, Medasin & Elohim's 'Forever' Is a Warm Blanket Of Sound: Listen

Brandon Artis Photography


Ever have a bad day that makes you wanna just sit on the couch under your favorite throw blanket and stare into the steam of a tea cup? We've all been there, and in those moments, you need something reassuringly simple, like Ekali & Medasin's new song "Forever" featuring Elohim.

"Forever" is a subtle future pop sound for moments of solemnity. This song won't stir your pot or jack up your day, but it will make you feel safe when you need a hug. Adulting is hard, heartbreak is inevitable, and music is a friend you can count on.

Maybe today is the day you need to lean on your old buddies Ekali, Medasin and Elohim, and in that case, "Forever" is out now on OWSLA and Atlantic. Check it out below.