Claptone Catches Heavy Summer Grooves 'Under the Moon': Listen

Andreas Waldschu╠łtz

No matter what your sky tells you, summer is almost upon us, and that means we need dank new tunes to vibe by a pool to. Claptone is one producer and DJ who knows how to start a party, and he spent the last two years writing and recording a new album. 

"It has been a great pleasure to work on this album as a counterpoint to the hectic world of traveling as a DJ," Claptone says in an emailed statement. "To lose myself when making music, to dive into and create my very own realm of beauty. I admit it's a dreamy, a heartfelt, at times a naive and surely escapist album, but what to do if one - on the quest for his soul - develops a strong desire to go back to his roots, back to nature? Did I find myself on that journey? Rather not. But I found some beautiful moments in the green, out in the woods, out in the fields, under the moon and in the night, moments, which I want to share with you. And there is one thing I learned and now it can be told, I am and have always been a Fantast."

Fantast features funky collaborations with Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke, Clap Your Hands Say YeahThe Boxer Rebellion’s Nathan Nicholson and more. Nicholson features on three of its 14 tracks, including the single "Under The Moon," which sets the tone for hot and heavy summer grooves. It just might warm up your never-ending winter, if you happen to still be in the snow. Give it a go below, and look out for Fantast dropping soon.