Diplo Drops 'Color Blind' Video With Lil Xan: Watch

Courtesy Photo
Diplo featuring Lil Xan, "Color Blind"

Lil Xan has been hitting the studio with tons of dance music producers. We know he's been working on a track with Marshmello, but it's his tune with Diplo that he's really been feeling.

The song is called "Color Blind," and he said in an interview it was his favorite he's been working on. The audio dropped on March 22, but now there's a video to compliment it. 

The video jumps between footage of Xan and Diplo hanging by a worn-down white car and a red-tinted party scene, both of which are seemingly a bit impacted by the blunt in Lil Xan's hand. The car bursts into flames toward the end of the vid, but don't worry, Diplo and Xan are unharmed -- they may just be a little doped up.

Watch the trippy "Color Blind" music video below: