Tchami Talks Working With Malaa on 'No Redemption' EP: Exclusive

Tchami x Malaa

Tchami x Malaa

In 2016, an unholy marriage was born, a dark "Prophecy" of beat-thumping things to come. Tchami and Malaa were joined in a creative relationship that has proven divine in the halls French house heaven. Two years later, that partnership bears even funkier fruit. Their collaborative No Redemption EP is five tracks of delicious driving club beats.

"The idea of doing a project together came out naturally since we understand each others music perfectly," Tchami says in an emailed statement. "For a long time, I wanted to express a darker side in my work by collaborating with someone on every angle of a project like No Redemption. It was absolutely the right time for us to launch this venture."

It's cinematic, bold and groovy. The friends blew minds during their joint performance as headliners at Ultra Music Festival in March. Billboard Dance got in touch with Tchami to hear more about it (Malaa doesn't talk much). Check what Tchami had to say about the collaborative EP and three of its previously-unreleased songs below.

"Kurupt" was one of the songs Malaa sent me when he was on tour. The email simply read "attention BANGER," and honestly, he couldn't have described it any better. I just had to add a little bit of my magic before it became the song you can listen to now.

"The Sermon"
The same can be said about the very first version of "The Sermon," which sat in my laptop for four years before seeing the light of day. When I played it to Malaa, he practically layered the rest of the song in 15 minutes.

The first track that we made was "Deus." It really was the kickstarter of our EP. Patience was key behind this track; We couldn't finish it until we had the perfect vocal that to take the track to another level in terms of energy.

"Through NO REDEMPTION's emergence, I've been reminded that when you collaborate with someone, it will never be 50/50 in the creation process," Tchami continues. "It's all about the vision you have for the music that you are making together. Some tracks I had more influence, and some tracks, he came with the main parts. What we made sure is to have load of fun in the studio, and be happy with the results without sacrificing the vision. I hope everyone will feel that."

No Redemption EP is out now on Tchami's label Confession. Listen to it in full below.