Ivan Dorn Gets the Spirit of Clapping in 'Afrika': Exclusive

Ivan Dorn
Igor Klepnev

Ivan Dorn

How many musicians have traveled to Africa and fallen in love with the music? Paul Simon. Bono. Diplo. Now, Ukranian DJ and producer Ivan Dorn wants to bring the spirit of Africa's invigorating rhythms to life on the dance floor for you.

"Afrika" is a vibrant beat that sinks deep into your soul from the moment it hits. It's all percussion, with chanting vocals that praise the continent's creative and cultural forces. Dorn can't help but get high on the people and the desert heat, and you're going to feel the same -- especially when you watch the official music video, which captures the frenetic energy of the tune and the place that inspired it.

Dorn performed "Afrika" for an audience of 8,000 in Moscow, and quite obviously, it went off. The official music video drops Friday, April 6, but you can catch it in full below first, exclusively on Billboard Dance.