Damian Lazarus Was Our Guide Through Get Lost Miami 2018: See the Photos

Khris Cowely/Here And Now 
As the midnight hour approaches, our Get Lost playground transforms into a visual display of beauty of wonder, once again the element of surprise captures the imagination of our amazing party people.

Miami Music Week is a wild ride. You spend every waking moment from Wednesday to Sunday being way more awake than you should be. You are tired, you're hungry. You lose your voice. You're probably covered in dirt. You can't stop running into people you know, and while there is great dance music to be had in all directions, sometimes you just want to Get Lost.

Damian Lazarus feels your struggle, and he created a safe space for you to crawl into a dark hole, even in the middle of the day. Get Lost is his 24-hour party concept that comes to a strategically non-central location in Miami every March and has for the past 13 years. It's a place where artists and electronic fans alike come to forget themselves and find the soul of the music, and Lazarus spares no energy or expense in creating a mood with thoughtful decoration and A-list underground performances.

It's a strange sensual adventure of sight, sound and feeling, and the best way to express it might be to show you. Lazarus shared his favorite moments of Get Lost 2018 with Billboard Dance in the form of a photo diary. Check out the shots below.